Diane and LyndsaySilcron Alpaca Stud operates a results driven breeding programme linking proven genetics and the science of AGE technology.

Established in 2001 our herd numbers around 50 mostly white and light fawn Huacaya. Success in both halter and fleece competition confirms we are achieving our goal to produce robust alpaca with correct conformation and superior fleece quality. Our aim is to maintain a small herd of alpaca with greater follicular density and increasingly finer diameter primary fibres, and make those genetics available to others.

We are active members of the Alpaca Association New Zealand and the Australian Alpaca Association.

Breeding quality animals are available for purchase and come with a fertility guarantee and friendly after sales service. Free delivery is provided up to 100km on purchases over $1000. We also offer guard wethers, and younger alpaca suitable for pets. Our stud males are available for outside services.

Open 7 days a week, visitors are welcome by appointment to come and talk “alpaca” anytime.

Meanwhile spend some time here and see what animals and services we have on offer, or just enjoy looking at some photos of these lovely animals.